Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Hello World update

This is my first blog on my Google Summer of Code project. I am going to be creating a Python Bayes Net Toolbox. I will post shortly (ie the next day or so) a condensed version of my proposal. I welcome comments and suggestions on the toolbox design. I certainly have some ideas of my own, but nothing is totally finalized and I always love to hear others' thoughts.

I would like to thank Google for this wonderful idea and the Python Software Foundation for participating. Most importantly I would like to thank the individuals who have already spent time advising me and working on the SoC program as a whole, which includes Chris and Greg at Google and James of the Python Software Foundation. As I always I am where I am because of the constant guidance and support everyone in the Ivrylab at UC Berkeley.

Stay tuned for more project specifics...


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