Thursday, July 14, 2005

Still traveling, but getting some work done as I move. Quick disclaimer on my progress, everything that is implemented is largely untested and rough.

With that said, I have implemented enumeration, which really is more for testing and debugging other algorithms. But it is still nice to have it done. I also have decided to follow Kevin Murhpy's lead and use the "engine" style implementation for inference. This basically means that I created a class for inference which takes a bayes net as input and creates a new "engine" object using the specified inference algorithm. I found the main advantage here was going to be during learning. It would allow the user to first specify an inference algorithm and then run any learning method they wanted. This way I wont have to implement a learning algorithm for each inference method.

My next step is variable elimination, which is almost done, then MCMC, and then EM. After EM is done I will have a rudimentary package that does all of the basics, inference / learning. Woohooo!


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