Saturday, August 27, 2005

I have been continuing to clean the code more and more. I added a number of operators to the potential class. So now many of the operations in junction tree resemble more closely their actual equations. For example in absorb within pass message, it now is only a couple of lines. One line to divide the old sepset from the new and another line to multiply the clique by the sepset. This has greatly cleaned up my code.

I also have fully integrated the idea of having nodes be sets not lists within graphs and within neighbor, parent, and child fields. To match this, the evidence of an inference engine had to become a dictionary mapping nodes to their values. I also created a new generate index method for potentials that takes a list of nodes instead of a list of axes, and it then converts the node list into a corresponding axis list given the order of the nodes within the potential.

I have a little more to do to make this consistent throughout the code. The enumeration engine is working, but i have not completely fixed the jtree engine.


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